Industrial Applications of Fuzzy Technol

Industrial Applications of Fuzzy Technol
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Utgivelsesår 1995
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Om Industrial Applications of Fuzzy Technol

The 1980s saw a whole wave of practical applications of fuzzy theory, mainly in the field of process control, with Japan as pioneer. In the '90s there has been a flood of applications to household electrical appliances, and“fuzzy” has become a high-tech buzz-word in Japan. Since then many countries have followed suit and developed their own fuzzy applications.This book reviews the burgeoning industrial applications of fuzzy theory. The contributors are mostly industrial engineers or research experts in the field. The areas covered include automobiles, home appliances, voice recognition, medical techniques, fuzzy design, process control, space operations and mobile autonomous robots.Very recently the development of fuzzy theory has become intertwined with fields such as neural networks and chaos. This volume also summarizes such trends in an industrial context.The book will be of use to senior undergraduates or graduate students, industrial research scientists, and anyone interested in the wide-ranging applicational aspects of fuzzy theory today.Contents:Industrial Fuzzy Control Review: A Perspective from Feedback and Manufacturing (S Isaka & V K Chu)Fuzzy Logic Control in Finnish Industry (H N Koivo)Recursive Fuzzy Reasoning and Its Application to an Auto- Tuning Controller (K Nomoto)A Practical Application of Fuzzy Theory to an Auto-Regulation System for Extra-Corporeal Circulation (ECC) (T Tobi)Automatic Crane Operation Using Fuzzy Cooperative Control Method (O Itoh, H Migita, J Itoh & Y Irie)Integration of Knowledge-Based Configuration with Fuzzy Logic and Optimization (A Günter, M Kopisch & H-J Sebastian)Fuzzy Applications for Automobiles (H Takahashi)Voice Recognition Using Fuzzy Pattern Matching and Its Applications (J-I Fujimoto) Intelligent Home Appliances Using Fuzzy Technology (N Wakami, H Nomura & S Araki)Fusion Technology of Fuzzy and Chaos Theory, and Its Applications (R Katayama)Fusion of Chaos and Fuzzy Logic, and Its Applications: Short-Term Prediction on Chaotic Time Series (T Iokibe, S Murata & M Koyama)Applications of Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks in Space Operations (Y Jani, R N Lea & R H Brown)Reactive Fuzzy Control of Autonomous Robots (E H Ruspini)Readership: Senior undergraduates, graduate students and practising engineers with interests in the applicational aspects of fuzzy theory.Key Features:Gives combined perspectives of biologists, physicists and mathematiciansAnalyzes models of biological processes on different time scales: molecular, ecological, and evolutionaryGives a comparison of computational and mathematical modeling


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