Engineering Plasticity and Its Applicati

Engineering Plasticity and Its Applicati
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Førpris 4169,- Spar 834,-
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Utgivelsesår 2009
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Om Engineering Plasticity and Its Applicati

The primary objective of the Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering Plasticity and Its Applications (AEPA) is to provide a free forum for exchanging ideas and introducing the latest research findings in the field of engineering plasticity. This conference is unique among the related conferences in that it provides a forum for all fields of plasticity so that multi-disciplinary research works are encouraged. This proceedings volume consists of papers presented at AEPA2008, and covers the following categories in all fields of engineering plasticity: constitutive modeling; damage, fracture, fatigue and failure; dynamic loading and crash dynamics; engineering applications and case studies; experimental and numerical techniques; molecular dynamics; nano, meso, micro and crystal plasticity; phase transformations; plastic instability and strain localization; plasticity in advanced materials; plasticity in materials processing technology; plasticity in tribology; porous, cellular and composite materials; structural plasticity; superplasticity; and time-dependent deformation.Ranging from nanoscale to macroscale applications of engineering plasticity, this book touches upon fields as diverse as mechanical engineering, materials science, physics, chemistry and civil engineering.Contents: Constitutive ModelingDamage, Fracture, Fatigue and FailureDynamic Loading and Crash DynamicsEngineering Applications and Case StudiesExperimental and Numerical TechniquesMolecular DynamicsNano, Meso, Micro and Crystal PlasticityPhase TransformationsPlastic Instability and Strain LocalizationPlasticity in Advanced MaterialsPlasticity in Materials Processing TechnologyPlasticity in TribologyPorous, Cellular and Composite MaterialsStructural PlasticitySuperplasticityTime-Dependent DeformationReadership: Mechanical engineers, materials scientists, civil engineers, physicists and chemists.


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