From Waves in Complex Systems to Dynamic

From Waves in Complex Systems to Dynamic
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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2011
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789814340724
Sider 436
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Om From Waves in Complex Systems to Dynamic

The book reviews recent research activities in applied mechanics and applied mathematics such as the fields of solid & fluid constitutive modeling for coupled fields, applications of geophysical & environmental context in judicious numerical- computational implementations. The book aims to merge foundation aspects of continuum mechanics with modern technological applications, notably on reviewing recent advances in the treated subjects in an attractive presentation accessible to a wide readership of engineering and applied sciences.Contents:Waves:Lamb Waves in Phononic Band Gap Structures (T T Wu)On Generalization of the Phase Relations in the Method of Reverberation-Ray Matrix (W Q Chen)Surface-Wave Nonlinearity Measured with Emat for Fatigued Steels (M Hirao)Acoustoelastic Lamb Waves and Implications for Structural Health Monitoring (J E Michaels)Source Synthesis for Inverse Problems in Wave Propagation (W W Symes)Numerical Mathematics/Time Series Analysis:An Introduction to an Adaptive Data Analysis Method (N E Huang)Computational Fluid Dynamics Based on the Unified Coordinates — A Brief Review (W H Hui)Towards Green's Function Retrieval from Imperfectly Partitioned Ambient Wave Fields: Travel Times, Attenuations, Specific Intensities, and Scattering (R L Weaver)Study on Two Scale Design Optimization for Structure and Material with Periodic Microstructure (G D Cheng)Continuum Mechanical Theories:A Continuum Formulation of Lava Flows — From Fluid Ejection to Solid Deposition (K Hutter)Rigorous Mechanics and Elegant Mathematics on the Formulation of Constitutive Laws for Complex Materials: An Example from Biomechanics (V Mow)Professor Pao's Influence on Research in Coupled Field Problems, Chirality and Acoustic and Electromagnetic Metamaterials and their Applications (V V Varadan)Transient Response of an Elastic Half Space by a Moving Concentrated Torque (C-S Yeh)Magnetic Force Model for Magnetizable Elastic Body in the Magnetic Field (Z J Zheng)Wind Energy: Principles of Nonlinear Vibro-Wind Energy Conversion (F Moon)Readership: Researchers, professionals, and graduate students in applied mechanics, and mathematics, energy studies, solid & fluid mechanics, and complex systems.


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