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Utgivelsesår 2014
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ISBN 9781609259655
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Om Un-Agoraphobic

UN-AGORAPHOBIC offers a comprehensive, step-by-step self-help programme for overcoming agoraphobia and panic attacks. Since overcoming his own disorder twenty years ago, Mathew has been leading support groups and recovery programmes for people with agoraphobia. He understands what agoraphobes need and how to deliver it. No one knows exactly what causes agoraphobia or panic attacks, but it clearly involves some misfirings in the brain. The good news is that recent neuroscience research suggests the brain is retrainable - at any age.The basis for any recovery plan for anxiety disorders is a highly structured approach each day. Mathew provides a daily schedule that lays out a clear set of steps and considerations for conquering this affliction, including: writing every day cultivating present-moment thinking taking a new approach to food and eating choosing a therapist starting a peer support group using visualisation techniques specifically designed for overcoming anxiety and panic taking medications, if appropriate dealing with children, spouse, parents, friends, colleagues, teachers, bosses and more taking your first trip out of the houseMathew includes FAQs, general survival tips and a special chapter on tips for spouses and loved ones. UN-AGORAPHOBIC is candid, funny, prescriptive and spot on for panic disorders - by an author with a lot of life experience under his belt.


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