Libra Game: A Tool for Smart Decision Ma

Libra Game: A Tool for Smart Decision Ma
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2014
Forlag Lulu Publishing Services
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781483413143
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Om Libra Game: A Tool for Smart Decision Ma

The Libra Game is part of our life. Playing it is not optional; it's part of us. We all live our lives without knowing when a difficult decision will appear, a test that we never expect to challenge us. When the time for a decision comes, we all tend to make a guess based on our previous experience. But this option doesn't necessarily always work, especially when the challenge is new or in an unfamiliar environment. For this reason, it is very important to organize the elements based on the current situation and the environment to ensure that the decision is relevant. The Libra Game provides a framework for dealing with difficult decisions. It outlines a process to organize readers' experience, ideas, and other elements to help them produce the best possible outcomes in relation to the current environment.


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