Our Ultimate Purpose in Life

Our Ultimate Purpose in Life
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Utgivelsesår 2013
Forlag Balboa Press AU
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781452511931
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Om Our Ultimate Purpose in Life

Who are we? What are we doing on this planet? Where are we going as a civilization? What is our ultimate purpose in this life? Humanity has wrestled with these questions for tens of thousands of years, and many would argue that the questions are innately unanswerable. But perhaps what we need are not new answers, but rather a new approach to the questions themselves.In this study, author Hans-Juergen Strichow proposes a controversial thesis, a new approach can explain the history of the human race in the light of a common denominator and the pursuit of humanitys ultimate purpose in life. When it comes to the proposition of a grand order of design relating to everything that is, has ever been, and will ever be here on Earth and in the universe, the evidence he shares points to the inevitable conclusion that the proposition is nothing more than a fact of life.Humanitys place in the grand scheme becomes clearer once this approach is embraced. Unlike the animals, whose fate is to perish with the planet, he believes that humanitys destiny awaits us in the stars. There, the people of Earth can continue their journey as true children of the universe. In preparation for that momentous leap forward, we must first acknowledge and respect our dependence on Mother Nature, and we must resolve the war on nature by industry. We must embrace the fact that life is truly about change and competition.Our very existence may very well depend upon that revelation.


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