Girl Who Was Saturday Night

Girl Who Was Saturday Night
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre DRM
Filformat EPUB
Utgivelsesår 2014
Forlag Quercus Publishing
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781849167543
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Om Girl Who Was Saturday Night

'Like Angela Carter, she is relentlessly inventive' Sunday Times 'Entrancing and antic and sensual as a dream' Guardian The second novel by the author of The Lonely Hearts Hotel Longlisted for the Baileys Prize 2015 At birth, Nouschka forms a bond with her twin that can never be broken. At six, she's the child star daughter of Quebec's most famous musician. At sixteen, she's a high-school dropout kicking up with her beloved brother. At nineteen, she's the Beauty Queen of Boulevard Saint-Laurent. At twenty, she's back in night school. And falling for an ex-convict. And it's all being filmed by a documentary crew.

Book of the Week. Well-constructed book full of poetic quirks . . . Her characters are personifications of Montreal and a dark mirror of celebrity culture No one's depiction of the shady side of life is as luminous - or as heart-wrenching - as Heather O'Neill's 'Peppered with sharply witty phrases ... There are touches of whimsy - but this is far from a whimsical novel. It's about fame and its fallout, parenting and irresponsibility, love and dependency ... What begins as a rambunctious, party girl's story ends in quiet hope with a riotous ride in between' A Life in Books. 'O'Neill's voice is singular, brave, magical, and bursting with stark beauty' Lisa Moore, author of February. 'Delightfully bizarre ... The author stuns with the vivid descriptions and metaphors that are studded throughout the book' Kirkus. 'A marvelously intriguing novel of a family in dissolution, each member of which is richly and memorably characterized ... beautifully written, particularly rich in simile and metaphor and compulsively readable ... a delight' Booklist. 'Reminded me a little of The Perks of Being a Wallflower as it is a coming of age tale with dark overtones. The writing is remarkable; Nouschka's unique way of looking at the world is reflected in the style ... A good read with memorable characters' We Love This Book. 'An exuberantly written coming-of-age story ... Flashbulb-bright and memorable ... Nicolas and Nouschka are the beautiful, frozen, fetishised symbols of separatist Quebec. As they try to wrench themselves into being, their story is as entrancing and antic and sensual as a dream' Amity Gaige, Guardian. 'For fans of the author, and high quality literary fiction this surpasses expectations ... strong storytelling and narrative drive' New Books. 'O'Neill's prose is beautiful - her turns of phrase and vivid descriptions of Nouschka and Nicolas' life on the edge of society are nothing short of brilliant ... A brilliantly written coming-of-age tale where you never know what's going to happen next' **** Heat.


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