Evolution and Challenges in System Devel

Evolution and Challenges in System Devel
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Utgivelsesår 2012
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ISBN 9781461548515
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Om Evolution and Challenges in System Devel

This book is a result of the Seventh International Conference on Information Sys- tems Development-Methods and Tools, Theory and Practice held in Bled, Slovenia, Sep- tember 21-23, 1998. The purpose of the conference was to address issues facing academia and industry when specifying, developing, managing, and improving information comput- erized systems. During the past few years, many new concepts and approaches emerged in the Information Systems Development (ISD) field. The various theories, methods, and tools available to system developers also bring problems such as choosing the most effec- tive approach for a specific task. This conference provides a meeting place for IS re- searchers and practitioners from Eastern and Western Europe as well as from other parts of the world. An objective of the conference is not only to share scientific knowledge and in- terests but to establish strong professional ties among the participants. The Seventh International Conference on Information Systems Develop- ment-ISD'98 continues the concepts of the first Polish-Scandinavian Seminar on Current Trends in Information Systems Development Methodologies held in Gdansk, Poland in 1988. Through the years, the Seminar developed into the International Conference on In- formation Systems Development. ISD'99 will be held in Boise, Idaho. The selection of papers was carried out by the International Program Committee. All papers were reviewed in advance by three people. Papers were judged according to their originality, relevance, and presentation quality. All papers were judged only on their own merits, independent of other submissions.


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