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Om Challenges

The Predictions in Chapter I introduce the main character Hy Thi Nguyen, her career, characteristics and virtues which, one after another appear in five subsequent chapters Taking difficulty as thorough knowledge! is Buddhas advice in the Endless Longevity Bible Explanations, Chinese Version by Khuong Tang Khai, and Translation notes in Vietnamese by Hong Nhan. Actually if we had not confronted dangers and fears of the deadly fleeing from North to South Vietnam and from Saigon to the U.S.A., our knowledge would have remained limited. We truly learned from the dangerous trip and hence became knowledgeable. Once we had been familiar with obstacles, we would become ready to confront any future ones. Experiences helped us easily overcome them. The challenges in my advancement at work would have terribly depressed me and possibly made me surrender to evils if I had not faced the past difficulties on the way from Vietnam to the new country. My past experiences strongly supported me and created a clarity in my mind that I would win over the most dangerous and powerful enemy, the racial discrimination in advancement at work, in a civil action. Things which have been happening in this world, are neatly embedded in Buddhas Teachings: Seeds and Fruits. Problems, which strike us, are not natural, as presented in Chapter III. Indeed, multiple aspects from the discriminatory misconduct, which were done either by the managers toward me or had been committed by me myself in one of my remotely past lives, had to be settled. Farmers, who sow good seeds, will reap good crop. Karmas follow us like bodies and shadows. The consequences of what we did might come instantly or sometime later in this life.


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