X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure for Cata

X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure for Cata
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Utgivelsesår 1996
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812830838
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Om X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure for Cata

X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) is a powerful technique in characterization of structures and electronic states of materials in many research fields including, e.g., catalysts, semiconductors, optical ingredients, magnetic materials, and surfaces. This characterization technique could be applied in a static or a dynamic state (in-situ condition). The XAFS can provide information that is not accessible by other techniques for characterization of materials, particularly catalysts and related surfaces. Furthermore, XAFS can provide a molecular-level approach to the study of reaction mechanisms for the understanding of catalysts and development of new catalysts. A number of synchrotron radiation facilities have been planned to be built in Asian countries in addition to the high-brilliant synchrotron radiation facilities under construction in the USA, Europe, and Japan. The applications of XAFS have now expanded to catalytic chemistry and engineering, surface science, organometallic chemistry, materials science, solid-state chemistry, geophysics, etc. This book caters to a wide range of researchers and students working in the domain or related topics.Contents:IntroductionTheory and Parameters of EXAFSAnalysis of EXAFSTheory and Analysis of XANESMeasurement of XAFSLaboratory XAFSApplications of EXAFS to Catalyst CharacterizationApplications of XANES to Catalyst CharacterizationNew Techniques for Catalysts and SurfacesReadership: Graduates and scientists in all scientific disciplines.Key Features:Gathers contributions from well-known and high-profile researchers in their respective fieldsEach chapter is self-containedSuitable for researchers or students familiar with a primer on coding or cryptography interested in moving on to advanced topics


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