Issues in Governance, Growth and Globali

Issues in Governance, Growth and Globali

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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2014
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789814504959
Sider 196
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Om Issues in Governance

This volume is a compilation of important papers relating to the financial, governance and political economy structures of the region, using a variety of methods and topics. Following the Asian crisis and subsequent global financial upheavals, policymakers and academics issued cries for institutional reform at the state and firm level; in many cases, reform was actually implemented rather than simply rhetorical. This volume begins by addressing issues relating to corporate governance within firms located in East Asia and as entities participating in corporate ownership elsewhere. Next, the key issues of globalization are directly addressed, including foreign direct investment into the region, integration among Southeast Asian countries and with the rest of Asia, and multinational enterprise investment strategies in Asia following initial entry decisions. Finally, the macroeconomic policies of state actors, and the effects of economic growth are examined.Contents:Introduction and Overview (Tony Cavoli, Siona Listokin and Ramkishen S Rajan)Entrepreneurship and Governance:Convergence in the Ownership and Governance of East Asian Firms (En- Te Chen, Stephen Gray and John Nowland)Asian and Non-Asian Institutional Investors and Proxy Access Proposals (Siona Listokin) Integration and Investment:Post-Foreign Entry Decisions by Global Retailers in Asian and Non-Asian Markets: Like or Unlike? (Sonia Ketkar)Intra-ASEAN FDI Flows and the Role of China and India: Trends and Determinants (Rabin Hattari, Ramkishen S Rajan and Shandre Thangavelu)Extent of Real Financial Integration in Asia: Some Patterns and Stylized Facts (Tony Cavoli)The Global Financial Crisis, Rise of China, and Changes in the Geographical Location of Control of Large Listed Companies (Ron McIver)Macroeconomic Policy: Intervention and Exchange Rate Regime Choice in Asia: Does the US Dollar Still Matter? (Tony Cavoli and Ramkishen S Rajan)Financial Instability Prevention (Andrew Hughes-Hallett, Jan Libich and Petr Stehlik)Readership: Academics, researchers, regulators and policymakers interested in economics, business and public policy in Asia.


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