II-VI Semiconductor Compounds

II-VI Semiconductor Compounds
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Utgivelsesår 1993
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Om II-VI Semiconductor Compounds

Contents: X-Ray Characterisation of II-VI Semiconductor Materials (D Gao et al.)Electronic Structure of II-VI Semiconductors and Their Alloys (S-H Wei)Radiative Recombination Processes in Rare Earth Doped II-VI Materials (M Godlewski et al.)Nonlinear Optical Properties of Heavily Doped CdS (U Neukirch)Nanostructures of Broad Gap (II,Mn) VI Semiconductors (W Heimbrodt & O Goede)Co- Based II-VI Semimagnetic Semiconductors (A Twardowski et al.)Photoluminescence and Raman Scattering of ZnSe-ZnTe Strained Layer Superlattices (K Kumazaki)Novel Electronic Processes in Mercury-Based Superlattices (J R Meyer et al.)Strain, Pressure and Piezoelectric Effects in Strained II-VI Superlattices and Heterostructures (E Anastassakia)Electronic Structures of Strained II-VI Superlattices (T Nakayama)Devices and Applications of II-VI Compounds (S Colak)Solar Cells Based on II-VI Semiconductors (H Uda) ZnSe and Its Applications for Blue-Light Laser Diodes (M Pessa & D Ahn)Molecular Beam Epitaxy of HgCdTe for Electro-Optical Infrared Applications (J M A Cortés)and other papersReadership: Condensed matter physicists and electronic engineers.Key Features:Considers some of the most salient issues in contemporary China from a truly interdisciplinary perspectiveThe contributors, all experts in their respective disciplines, include veterans as well as up-and-coming scholars


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