Cross-Border Banking

Cross-Border Banking
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Utgivelsesår 2006
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Om Cross-Border Banking

Cross-border banking, while having the potential for a more efficient financial sector, also creates potential challenges for bank supervisors and regulators. It requires cooperation by regulatory authorities across jurisdictions and a clear delineation of authority and responsibility. That delineation is typically not present and regulatory authorities often have significantly different incentives to respond when cross-border-active banks encounter difficulties. Most of these issues have only begun to be seriously evaluated.This volume, one of the first attempts to address these issues, brings together experts and regulators from different countries. The wide range of topics discussed include: the current landscape of cross-border bank activity, the resulting competitive implications, emerging challenges for prudential regulation, safety net concerns, failure resolution issues, and the potential future evolution of international banking.This book has been selected for coverage in:• Index to Social Sciences & Humanities Proceedings® (ISSHP® / ISI Proceedings)• Index to Social Sciences & Humanities Proceedings (ISSHP CDROM version/ISI Proceedings)Contents:Special Addresses:Cross-Border Banking: Forces Driving Change and Resulting Regulatory Challenges (M H Moskow)Cross-Border Banking and the Challenges Faced by Host Country Authorities (G Ortiz) Survey of the Current Landscape:Risks in US Bank International Exposures (N Cetorelli & L S Goldberg)Cross-Border Banking in Asia: Basel II and Other Prudential Issues (S Hohl et al.)Competitive Implications:Competitive Implications of Cross-Border Banking (S Claessens)Bank Concentration and Credit Volatility (A Micco & U Panizza)Prudential Regulation Issues:Home and Host Supervisors' Relations from a Host Supervisor's Perspective (P Bednarski & G Bielicki)Basel II Home Host Issues (P Jackson)Market Discipline Issues:Confronting Divergent Interests in Cross-Country Regulatory Arrangements (E J Kane) Market Discipline Issues Associated with Cross-Border Banking (D D Evanoff)Safety Net Issues:The Lender of Last Resort in the European Single Financial Market (G J Schinasi & P G Teixeira)Payment Systems and the Safety Net: The Role of Central Bank Money and Oversight (J Stehm)Insolvency Resolution Issues:Banking in a Changing World: Issues and Questions in the Resolution of Cross-Border Banks (M Krimminger)Bank Insolvency Procedures as Foundation for Market Discipline (A Angkinand & C Wihlborg) Policy Panel: Where to from Here?:Comments on Cross-Border Banking: Regulatory Challenges (C Calari)Designing the Home-Host Relationship to Support in Good Times and Bad: Trans-Tasman Developments (A Orr)and other papersReadership: Professors teaching financial institutions, banking, financial regulation, or international financial markets; research economists interested in financial markets and institutions; financial regulators and policy-makers; financial consultants with internationally active customers.


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