Collected Poems of James Elroy Flecker

Collected Poems of James Elroy Flecker
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Format E-Bok
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Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2013
Forlag Read Books Ltd.
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781447497387
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Om Collected Poems of James Elroy Flecker

The Collected Poems of James Elroy Flecker. Originally published in 1916 - CONTENTS Introduction to First Edition, ix Introduction to Edition of 1935, xxxi Editorial Note, xxxvii JUVENILIA Four Translations and Adaptations from Catullus, 3 Sirmio, 8 Lucretia, 9 Song in the Night, 14 Glion-Noon, 15 Glion-Evening, 16 Last Love, 17 Fragments of an Ode to Shelley, 18 LATER POEMS A N, ew Years Carol, 27 From Grenoble, 29 Narcissus, 30 Inscription for Arthur Rackhams Rip Van Winkle, 32 Envoy, 33 RioupCroux, 34 Mignon, 35 Tenebris Interlucentem, 36 The First Sonnet of Bathrolaire, 37 The Second Sonnet of Bathrolaire, 38 The Ballad of Hampstead Heath, 39 Litany to Satan, 42 The Translator and the Children, 45 Destroyer of Ships, Men, Cities, 46 Oxford Canal, 48 Hialmar Speaks to the Raven, 50 The Ballad of the Student in the South, 52 The Queens Song, 54 On Turners Polyphemus, 56 The Bridge of Fire, 57 We That Were Friends, 62 My Friend, 63 Ideal, 65 Mary Magdalen, 67 I Rose from D r d e s s Hours, 69 Prayer, 70 The Piper, 71 The Masque of the Magi, 72 To a Poet a Thousand Years Hence, 75 Heliodora, 77 Love, the Baby, 78 Ballad of the Londoner, 79 Resurrection, 80 Dulce Lumen, Triste Numen, Suave Lumen Luminum, 81 Joseph and Mary, 83 The Lover of Jalaluddin, 87 Donde Estan 88 The Town without a Market, y A Western Voyage, 94 Invitation, 96 War Song of the Saracens, 98 The Ballad of Camden Town, roo Gravis Dulcis Immutabilis, 102 Fountains, 103 Dirge, 104 Tha Parrot, 106 Lord Arnaldos, 108 A Miracle of Bethlehem, r IO Felo-de-se, I 19 The Welsh Sea, 121 In Memoriam, 122 Opportunity, 123 No Cowards Song, 125 Pillage, 126 The Ballad of Zacho, 128 Pavlova in London, 130 The Sentimentalist, r 33 Don Juan in Hell, 135 The Ballad of Iskander, I 37 The Golden Journey to Samarkand, 144 Epilogue, 146 Gates of Damascus, I g r Yasmin, 158 Saadabad, 160 The Hammam Name, 163 In Phzeacia, 166 Epithalamion, 168 Hyali, 170 Santorin, 173 A Ship, an Isle, a Sickle Moon, 175 Oak and Olive, 176 Brumana, 179 Areiya, 182 Bryan of Brittany, Don Juan Declaims, 189 The Painters Mistress, 192 In Hospital, 194 Taoping, 196 Virgils Eneid Book VI, 198 The Dying Patriot, 21 I A Sacred Dialogue, 213 The Old Ships, 21 7 The Blue Noon, 219 A Fragment, 220 Narcissus, 222 Stillness, 224 The Pensive Prisoner, 225 Hexarneters, 226 Philomel, 227 From Jean MorCas Stances, 229 The Princess, 230 Pannyra of the Golden Heel, 232 The Gate of the Armies, 233 November Eves, 234 God Save the King, 235 The Burial in England, 237 The True Paradise, 241 Ode to the Glory of Greece, 243 The Old Warship Ablaze, 248. INTRODUCTION TO FIRST EDITION: I JAMES ELROY F LECKE was born in London Lewisham on November 5, 1884. He was the eldest of the four children of the Rev. W. H. Flecker, D. D., now Head Master of Dean Close School, Cheltenham. After some years at his fathers school he went in 1901 to Uppingham, proceeding to Trinity College, Oxford, in 1902. He stayed at Oxford until 1907 and then came to London, teaching for a short time in Mr. Simmons school at Hampstead. In 1908 he decided to enter the Consular Service, and went up to Cambridge Caius College for the tuition in Oriental languages available there...


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