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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre DRM
Filformat EPUB
Utgivelsesår 2012
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781848545274

Om Perdition

Almost two hundred years have elapsed since the Crusader armies took Jerusalem. Now it is the turn of the Saracen to seek revenge and send an overwhelming force against the last Christian enclave in the Holy Land. In Acre, the defenders await their fate. Knight and bishop, mercenary and merchant, all will be tested and all may perish. For this is the endgame. No quarter will be given and no mercy shown. William of Beaujeu, Grand Master of the Templars, will stop at little to secure the city and preserve his legendary military order. He knows that final judgement is approaching and that time is running out. But among the garrison are allies - the adventurer de Flor, Theobald, the young Hospitaller, the court dwarf Amethyst, the camel master Selim and the orphan boy and spy Benedict - who must stay alive in the chaos to be unleashed. In their midst prowl the feared Assassins and sinister enemies from among a rabble army of Italians. Deserted by the pope and the princes of Europe, it seems as if Acre faces annihilation - but perhaps something can still be salvaged from perdition . . .

Praise for Realm: 'This is history - and terrific history - on every page' 'Brimming with action, conspiracy and burning ambitions, Perdition brings history to life in all its bloody technicolour' 'The history is . . . reliable and convincing' 'Once started, I found this book difficult to put down. The plot is fast paced and gripping, while the characters are well formed and credible. The siege and the events leading up to it form an exciting framework for this well-researched and atmospheric novel. The culture and politics of the region are effectively evoked, bringing this whole blood period to life. This is historical writing at its best. A real pleasure to read. More please!' 'A real page-turner. Drama and suspense are there in plenty . . . Once started, I could not put it down and highly recommend it' 'James Jackson has established himself as a fine storyteller . . . Perdition keeps the standard flying high' 'James Jackson writes with passion and authority in this fast paced, lively historical epic. His vivid writing skills brings both life and death acutely to the reader's senses, and will strongly appeal to fans of Simon Scarrow or anyone fascinated with the Crusades'


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