Study It Grammar 5 eBook

Study It Grammar 5 eBook
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2015
Forlag Study It Books
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781927748459
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Om Study It Grammar 5 eBook

Winer 2015 Digital Book Award - Academic CategoryAwarded QED Certification for Quality, Excellence and DesignThe Study It Grammar series is an easy-to-use integrated skills ESL textbook for ESL students, language teachers and English language programs in schools or language schools.It is an exciting new series for teachers interested in Mobile Learning, Project-Based Learning or Flipping the Classroom. The Study It English Grammar series consists of 8 different levels. Book 5 of 8 is for Intermediate English as a Second Language learners.The Study It Grammar Book 5 consists of the following:- Video exercises- 5 different themes including future tenses, the past perfect tense, time expressions, phrasal verbs, conjunctions and relative clauses..- Each unit contains vocabulary, listening, speaking, writing and reading practice.ESL Teachers can access our online community which offers teachers a chance to share ideas for improving the English classReviews of the "Study It" Series/"It's obviously an amazing learning tool"- Canada AM, National Morning Show Study "It": English as a Second Language series is an engaging textbook for teaching non-native English speakers. It takes advantage of the format to include video and audio in a way that supports the lessons and never feels added on as an "enhancement." The textbook uses a number of different assessment formats to allow users to test themselves throughout the book and see their scores. The book even uses the Note function effectively for long-form answers. While the content of the book is challenging, it makes learning grammar easy and fun.- 2015 Digital Book Award Review"The Study It textbooks are a set of interactive English language multi-touch textbooks that are a fraction of the cost of a paper textbook"- Digital JournalThe Study It ESLtextbook series has been awarded the QED Certification. The QED stands for Quality, Excellence, Design. It is the seal of approval of ebooks and enhanced books.All recipients of the QED have passed a thorough, independent 13-point quality assurance test.- QED Panel


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