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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2015
Redaktør Willimon, William H.
Forlag Abingdon Press
Språk Engelsk
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Om Trinity

Most people assume they know what they mean when they use the word ';God.' They mean a powerful old guy in the sky ready to obliterate us if we do wrong but basically benevolent, if a little senile. The Christian doctrine of the Trinity shows us God is vastly more interesting. God is actually fleshed among us in Jesus, poured out on us in the Holy Spirit's intoxication of the church. God is three divine persons in perfect harmony and beautyand God invites us into that unimaginable intimacy. We don't know this God, but we should. Trinity uses scripture, the Early Church tradition, and some modern theology to argue that God is a mystery whom we can't understand but who can shape our misunderstanding to allow for faithful living and holy love of God and neighbor.';JasonByassee thinks like a theologian, writes like a journalist, andcommunicates like a storyteller. We live in a time of trinitariandissonance, when the central doctrine of the Christian faith isstrangely neglected by most Christians. Byassee's wonderful explorationof the Trinity offers a remedy for that by providing a meat-and-potatoesintroduction to the God who is at once Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Anexcellent spiritual guide for both mature Christians and those brandnew to the Christian faith.' Rev. Dr. Andrew C. Thompson, AssistantProfessor of Historical Theology &Wesleyan Studies, MemphisTheological Seminary, Memphis, TN, and Wesley Scholar for the ArkansasConference of the United Methodist Church';Intrying to communicate the trinitarian relationship, Byassee succeeds inmaking the indescribable a little more coherent while reminding us ofthe all-consuming love of God. Trinity is a little book ofrigorous thought and deep devotion. It is rare these days to find a workof theology that stirs the intellect, the heart, and the spirit. And Ihave to admit, in reading this book, I fell in love with the Holy Spiritall over again. " Enuma Okoro, Nigerian-American writer, speaker, andaward-winning author of Reluctant Pilgrim, Silence, and Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals


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