Useful Quasicrystals

Useful Quasicrystals
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Utgivelsesår 2005
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812567888
Sider 504
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Om Useful Quasicrystals

The aim of this book is to acquaint the reader with what the author regards as the most basic characteristics of quasicrystals — structure, formation and stability, properties — in relationship with the applications of quasicrystalline materials.Quasicrystals are fascinating substances that form a family of specific structures with strange physical and mechanical properties as compared to those of metallic alloys. This, on the one hand, is stimulating intensive research to understand the most basic properties of quasicrystals in the frame of a generalized crystallography. On the other hand, these properties open the way to technological applications, demonstrated or potential, mostly regarding energy savings.This valuable book discusses those various facets of quasicrystals in five chapters, ending with the author's own interpretation of the properties with respect to their unique structure.Contents:The Golden Mean and the KitchenWhat to Know to Start WithStrange Physical PropertiesWhen Atoms Move AwayPreparation and Mass ProductionThe Rise of a DreamReadership: Materials scientists, condensed matter physicists and solid state chemists.Key Features:Not many books on the current economic crisis address the root cause of the crisis: insufficient consumptionThis book uses Reiterative Truncated Projected Least Squares (RTPLS, a statistical technique that captures the influence of omitted variables) to gather empirical evidence that current government measures are not effectiveThis book's wide scope of case-study countries will appeal to readers who want an international analysis of the post-2008 global economic climate


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