Stephen V Bathory

Stephen V Bathory
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Om Stephen V Bathory

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Stephen Bathory of Ecsed (Hungarian: Bathory Istvan , Romanian: EE tefan Bathory; 1430- 1493) was a Hungarian commander, 'dapiferorum regalium magister' (1458-?), judge of the Royal Court (1471-1493) and voivod of Transylvania (1479-1493). He rose to power under King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary and after the king's death sided with Vladislav Jagiellon of Bohemia and later together with Pal Kinizsi defeated Prince John Corvin in the Battle of Csonthegy (1493). As a result of his cruelty in Transylvania, especially against the Szekelys, he was deposed by the King in 1493 and died shortly afterwards.


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