Golden Revolution

Golden Revolution
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Utgivelsesår 2012
Forlag Wiley
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781118238790
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Om Golden Revolution

Why the gold standard is due for a comeback A reserve currency can only function as such if there is ageneral consensus that it provides a stable store of value. Withoutthis trust, money, no matter what form it takes, will beabandoned—either suddenly in a crisis, or gradually overtime—in favor of something else. The Golden Revolutionlooks at how the world is rapidly moving toward some form of globalmetallic standard, in which money, at least in official,international transactions, is linked directly to gold, silver, orboth.The practical reality of the transition to the coming globalgold (or bimetallic) standard is going to be substantiallydifferent from the global fiat monetary and financial regime oftoday. It is not just money that is going to change. The nature andbusiness of banking will also be affected, as will finance ingeneral.Incisive and thoughtful, The Golden Revolution is atreatise on the broad effects of the current and future monetarystructureLooks at why the world is headed inexorably back towards ametallic money standardExplores what the transition period might look like, includingsome historical examples of both orderly and disorderlytransitionsExamines how the world of banking, finance, and investment,including asset valuation and portfolio management techniques, willwork under a future gold standard and which industries, countriesand markets are likely to benefit and which are likely tosufferFull of advice on how investors can profit and protectthemselves during this critical time of change, the book knows thatthose who are prepared will prosper, while those who won't stand tolose it all.


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