Abolition of Nuclear Weapons as a Moral

Abolition of Nuclear Weapons as a Moral
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Utgivelsesår 2015
Forlag Lexington Books
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ISBN 9780739188200
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Om Abolition of Nuclear Weapons as a Moral

Abolition of Nuclear Weapons as a Moral Imperative argues that the use of nuclear weapons as a threat in policies of nuclear deterrence violate basic principles of morality and consequently the abolition of nuclear weapons from the world is a moral imperative nations that have them. The focus is on the United States since it will have to take the lead in any program of abolition. The argument is formulated in terms accessible to theorists in different disciplines and activists in a large range of causes. It appeals to principles that are widely shared but whose application to national policies, especially to deterrence by threats of mass destruction, has been debated ever since nuclear weapons were developed. The book explains what is meant by the immorality of a national policy, the stake which citizens have in their agents acting morally and the role of their opinions in seeing that they do.The argument of the book is couched in terms of consequences. The effects of the U.S.s nuclear deterrent on the probability of nuclear war are difficult to calculate; but the harms for the country and others across the globe caused by the immense apparatus necessary to make U.S. threats credible are sufficient to condemn the policy.The last part of the book is devoted to way the U.S. can take the lead in safe and effective steps necessary to abolish the weapons and prevent their reintroduction into the world.


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