Handbook of Construction Management and

Handbook of Construction Management and
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Utgivelsesår 2012
Forlag Springer US
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781468414493
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Om Handbook of Construction Management and

The primary purpose of this handbook is to make available maintenance and preventive maintenance and overhaul, engi- to general contractors, consulting engineers, construction neering and estimating, scheduling and controls, data pro- managers, specialty contractors, and subcontractors, as well cessing and the use of computer equipment in engineering as to professors and students in Universities and technical and accounting techniques, office administration, corporate institutes which offer courses on the subject, the fundamentals and cost accounting, payroll, employment and labor relations, of construction management together with the most workable safety, public relations, legal and contractural problems, types of organization, and the necessary capabilities they must banking and finance, taxes, surety bonding, insurance, pen- include to reasonably ensure success and minimize the possi- sion and retirement problems and others. bility of failure in this most hazardous profession. The combined effect of the various chapters, in addition to The second and equally important purpose is to furnish describing good practice with respect to the functioning of equipment manufacturers, dealers, material suppliers, bankers, the segments of a construction organization and the tangible surety bondsmen, and others, who traditionally rely on finan- services needed by it, presents the all-important subject of cial statements and general reputation, something more con- contractural relations, procedures to be followed, the prepara- crete to look for-the type of management and organization, tion and pursuit of change orders and extra work orders for


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