The Memory of Lost Senses

An unforgettable novel of buried secrets from the past

The Memory of Lost Senses
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre DRM
Filformat EPUB
Utgivelsesår 2013
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9780755386048

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Om The Memory of Lost Senses

1911. A country house. A long, hot summer. A story of love... From the author of The Snow Globe, comes an absorbing, evocative and rich period drama of buried secrets and lost love in an Edwardian summer. The Memory of Lost Senses is perfect for fans of Kate Morton and Rachel Hore. 'Witty, clever and compelling, with a beautiful love story at its heart' - Jane Harris When a mysterious countess arrives late in life to live at a large, deserted house on the edge of a sleepy Hampshire village, the local tongues start wagging. No one is more intrigued than Cecily Chadwick, idling away the long, hot summer of 1911 with nothing much to do. Cecily is fascinated by the exotic elderly lady and, as she gets to know her, is riveted by her tales of expatriate life on the continent, and of whom she once knew. But the countess is troubled: by her memories, her name, and by anonymous threats to reveal a ruinous secret... It is, she has decided, up to her close friend, a successful novelist who has come to stay for the summer, to put the record straight. For aspiring writer Cecily, the novelist's presence only adds to the intrigue and pull of the house. But it is the countess's grandson, Jack, his unanswered questions about his grandmother's past and his desire to know the truth, that draw Cecily further into the tangled web of the countess's life, and the place known as Temple Hill. What readers are saying about The Memory of Lost Senses: 'Oh, how I loved these characters when the story was lifted from the pages to me, crafted in Judith's clear narrative voice' 'A story of love, passion and memories - often unreliable - beautifully told with an effortless languorous feel as the history and drama unfolds' 'A well-structured novel that has been so beautifully written it is well worthy of five stars'

Praise for Judith Kinghorn's The Last Summer: 'An enchanting story of love and war, and the years beyond' 'A sumptuous, absorbing tale of love in time of war. Judith Kinghorn's novel brilliantly illuminates the experiences of a generation of blighted youth' ' [An] enchanting debut of Rachel Hore/Downton Abbey ilk, big storytelling stuff of social and political change spanning the First World War and beyond. It's a glorious read, highly recommended' 'The year is 1914 and love and war are about to transform privileged 16 year old Clarissa's charmed existence forever. This sumptuous romance is made for fans of Downton'


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