Understanding Pathophysiology - ANZ adap
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Utgivelsesår 2013
Forlag Elsevier Health Sciences
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ISBN 9780729579513
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Om Understanding Pathophysiology - ANZ adap

A new pathophysiology textbook specifically for Australian and New Zealand nursing studentsUnderstanding Pathophysiology provides nursing students with the optimal balance between science, clinical case material and pharmacology. With entrenched bio-medical terminology that can be difficult to relate to nursing practice, pathophysiology is a complex, though essential, component of all undergraduate nursing courses. Understanding Pathophysiology: ANZ Edition overcomes this difficulty by presenting the topic in an accessible manner appropriate to undergraduate nursing students in Australia and New Zealand. The book prioritises diseases relevant to nursing students and presents them according to prevalence and rate of incidence in Australia and New Zealand. This focused approach prepares students for the presentations they will experience in a clinical setting. Understanding Pathophysiology: ANZ Edition explores each body system first by structure and function, then by alteration. This establishes the physiology prior to addressing the diseases relative to the system and allows students to analyse and compare the normal versus altered state. This local edition of Understanding Pathophysiology incorporates a lifespan approach and explores contemporary health with specific chapters on stress, genes and the environment, obesity and diabetes, cancer, mental illness and Indigenous health issues. Clinical case studies are included in each chapter, with each patient case study highlighting the relevant medical symptoms of a given disease within a clinical setting. This is then analysed with respect to the relevancy of each symptom, their respective affect on body systems and the best course of pharmacological treatment. Elsevier's Evolve website provides extensive support materials for students and lecturers. Also available for purchase with this textbook is an e-book, Pathophysiology Online - a set of online modules, and a mobile study guide application.* pathophysiology presented at an appropriate level for undergraduate nursing students in Australia and New Zealand* an adaptation of a US edition - Understanding Pathophysiology, 4th Edition * diseases are addressed according to prevalence, incidence and relevance* a 'systems' approach is incorporated with a 'lifespan' approach within the alterations chapters* a new section on contemporary health issues examines the effects of an aging population and lifestyle choices on a society's overall health* new chapters on topics including homeostasis; genes and the environment; obesity and diabetes; mental health and Indigenous health issues* chapter outlines and key terms appear at the beginning of each chapter* concept maps provide visual representation of the key concepts addressed in each chapter* clinical case studies feature in each chapter to bring pathophysiology into practice* helpful 'focus on learning' boxes in each chapter* key terms are bolded in the text and listed in the glossary* summaries of main points feature in each chapter* review questions at chapter end are accompanied by answers provided online


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