Diffuse Customer Mystery World * In the

Diffuse Customer Mystery World * In the
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2014
Forlag Zhejiang Publishing United Gro
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781629783543
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Om Diffuse Customer Mystery World * In the

"Diffuse Customer*Mystery World" is the strongest Chinese suspense magazine created by an animation company and suspense king Cai Jun. The first collection of Cai Jun's latest disaster suspense serialization "hell", Gemini, forensic debate novels "investigation", "psychological crime" first person "teeth" Remy book, "Wang Yuchen Zhuang Qin's "worse", "every night a bizarre story", the newest "cicada", "all over the world, looking for a ghost" and "Space Time" by Hu Xidong. With journals including 32P " grave robbers" comic beta version 3!The editor's recommends:"Diffuse Customer * Mystery World" is edited by Cai Jun, issued by the Concert animation company. It includes the best suspense writers, to create the best thriller suspense magazine book.The main part is the latest full-length works of Cai Jun "hell". The bustling city suffered a huge earthquake that comes unexpectedly, the future dream for an instant sank into the underground. When the outside world has become a hell on earth, the people in the underground pit will usher in what changes later in life?The creator of "teeth" Remy, is a suspense writer famous for "Psychological Crime". As the police college teachers, he is proficient in crime psychology and forensic science and he has a better understanding of every hue sin. In this period, the teacher Remy's "teeth" is a plot twists and turns, emotional and moving "new police story".The horror novelist Wang Yuchen has long enjoyed a good reputation of young best-selling thriller story. His works "every night a bizarre story" has been attracting a large number of fans. The new "cicada" continue his bizarre story situation and unique style, which brings you fresh unique reading experience.The Gemini constellation is the first true light novel writer in China. He once dropped out from Peking University, once again went into the ShenZhen University. He is Shenzhen's top Tarot and Feng shui master. "The Interrogation Record" is a detective novel of debate with light novel style, lead a fast "guest cop". It interlocks criminal investigation process and forms the subtle reading pleasure in the conflict."Worse", is the special new works of Zhuang Qin, who is one of the best mystery novelist in China. He wrote the novel for the inaugural issue of the new special creation. A doctor experienced a bizarre, horrified to discover his fate was stepped into his wife's novels ... ... The family has such kind of female, how the doctor's destiny become worse?In addition to wonderful stories, the first journal also gives Nanpai Sanshu's novel "The Secrets of Grave Robbers vol 3" comic version of the first 32 Pages as a gift. The famous writer Li Yi, Suo Luo Shuang Shu, Zheng Hui Shang Guan Wuye couple programs and evaluations, as well as the editors elaborating "World geography suspense", humorous "Deserted Apartment", let you easily to gain knowledge and joy duirng the tense reading.


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