Casimir Effect

Casimir Effect
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Utgivelsesår 2001
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812810526
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Om Casimir Effect

In its simplest manifestation, the Casimir effect is a quantum force of attraction between two parallel uncharged conducting plates. More generally, it refers to the interaction — which may be either attractive or repulsive — between material bodies due to quantum fluctuations in whatever fields are relevant. It is a local version of the van der Waals force between molecules. Its sweep ranges from perhaps its being the origin of the cosmological constant to its being responsible for the confinement of quarks.This monograph develops the theory of such forces, based primarily on physically transparent Green's function techniques, and makes applications from quarks to the cosmos, as well as observable consequences in condensed matter systems. It is aimed at graduate students and researchers in theoretical physics, quantum field theory, and applied mathematics.Contents: Introduction to the Casimir EffectCasimir Force Between Parallel PlatesCasimir Force Between Parallel DielectricsCasimir Effect with Perfect SphericalThe Casimir Effect of a Dielectric Ball: The Equivalence of the Casimir Effect and van der Waals ForcesApplication to Hadronic Physics: Zero-Point Energy in the Bag ModelCasimir Effect in Cylindrical GeometriesCasimir Effect in Two Dimensions: The Maxwell-Chern-Simons Casimir EffectCasimir Effect on a D-dimensional SphereCosmological Implications of the Casimir EffectLocal EffectsSonoluminescene and the Dynamical Casimir EffectRadiative Corrections to the Casimir EffectConclusions and OutlookAppendices:Relation of Contour Integral Method to Green's Function ApproachCasimir Effect for a Closed StringReadership: High-energy, condensed-matter and nuclear physicists.Key Features:The book is sui generis of its kind, falling between the categories of memoir and contemporary historyIt would be of interest to all who are concerned with where the world is going as well as those who follow change in the major countries and regions of the world


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