From Confrontation to Co-operation

From Confrontation to Co-operation
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Utgivelsesår 1992
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789814536530
Sider 316
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Om From Confrontation to Co-operation

This series started in 1981 with the Erice Seminars when the danger of a nuclear East-West confrontation was menacing the world. The volumes reproduce the crucial steps, from the Nuclear Winter to the Strategic Defense Initiative. After the collapse of the U.S. S.R., new emergencies are now to be faced such as the danger of proliferation of Weapons for Mass Destruction (WMD), the North- South confrontation on ecological problems and the new deal for Science and Technology to help developing countries in their struggle for a better standard of life. The Erice Seminars have attracted the attention of world leaders in Science, Technology and Culture.Contents:The Contribution of the Erice Seminars in East-West-North-South Scientific Relations (A Zichichi)Laser Technology (I N Sisakian, E Storm et al., E M Shelkov, J S Nelson, M W Berns, G V Sklizkov, W A Barletta, V P Smirnov, G-C Wang)Nuclear and Chemical Safety (B I Spinrad, R V Arutunjan et al., M Levenson, W E Zagotta, S V Shestakov, J C Eccles, R Wilson)Use of Missiles (E P Velikhov, T Morgan, J-S Song, S Martellucci & E M Shelkov)Ozone (I L Karol)Conventional and Nuclear Force Restructuring in Europe (U Cappuzzo & H Wegener)Conflict Avoidance Model (S G Biswas)General Discussion of the World Lab Projects (S C C Ting & E P Velikhov)Readership: Scientists, researchers, politicians and decision makers in the field of environmental science and nuclear energy.


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