Recent Advances in Magnetism of Transiti

Recent Advances in Magnetism of Transiti
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Utgivelsesår 1993
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789814536769
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Om Recent Advances in Magnetism of Transiti

This book is a Festschrift in honour of Professor Kazuko Motizuki on the occasion of her retirement from Osaka University. She has been active in a variety of branches of solid state physics and, in particular, has made an important contribution to the theory of magnetism. The book reviews recent advances in magnetism of transition metal compounds, both for itinerant electron systems and localized spin systems. For the former systems, band calculational methods, correlation effects, and theoretical aspects of photoemission spectroscopy are reviewed generally, and then recent progress in the theoretical and experimental understanding of magnetic properties of various kinds of intermetallic compounds and intercalation compounds of transition-metal dichalcogenides are reviewed in detail. For the latter systems, attention is focused on quantum effects, frustration and competing interaction in low- dimensional systems. Main subjects treated in the book are Haldane gap-systems, singlet-ground-state systems, triangular spin systems, and quantum spin chains with competing interactions.Contents: Electronic Structures and Magnetism:Attempts to Go Beyond the Local-Spin-Density Approximation in the Density-Functional Formalism (K Terakura et al.)Electronic Structure and Magnetism of Laves Phase Compounds (H Yamada & M Aoki)Electronic Structure and Magnetism of Transition Metal Compunds (C Haas & R A de Groot)Magnetic Properties of Intermetallic Compounds of MnMX Systems (T Kanomata & T Kaneko)Electronic Structure of 3d Transition-Metal Chalcogenides Studied by Photoemission Spectroscopy (A Fujimori)Magnetic and Transport Properties of Transition- Metal Intercalation Compounds (M Inoue & H Negishi)Recent Results on Photoemission from TiSe2 and Related Compounds (F C Brown)Localized Spin Systems: Low-Dimensional Systems and Quantum Effects:High Field Magnetization and ESR Measurements in Haldane Gap Systems (M Date et al.)Nuclear Magnetic Relaxations in Singlet-Ground-State and Haldane-Gap Systems (T Goto)Phase Transitions in Triangular Spin Systems (H Kawamura)CsCuCl3 in High Magnetic Field: Role of Quantum Fluctuations (H Shiba & T Nikuni)and other papersReadership: Physicists and chemists.Key Features:Contains 31 pages colorCollects articles from top-notch researchers in the field


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