Topological Quantum Field Theories and G

Topological Quantum Field Theories and G
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Utgivelsesår 1992
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789814536622
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Om Topological Quantum Field Theories and G

These lectures introduce some very popular fields in topology. The topics discussed are interrelated with modern physics and include works of four leading researchers: M Atiyah, R Bott, J Jones and G Segal. The original lectures presented at the conference at Budapest are enlarged with appendices to make these notes self-contained.Contents: A New Knot Invariant I (M F Atiyah)A New Knot Invariant II: Topological Quantum Field Theories and the Jones Polynomial (M F Atiyah)Representations of Loop Groups I: Factorization Theorems (G Segal)Representations of Loop Groups II: The Determinant Bundle (G Segal)Topological Quantum Field Theories with Finite Groups (G Segal)The Index Theorem and Differential Forms on Loop Spaces (J D S Jones)Topological Aspects of Loop Groups (R Bott)Appendices: Spin Structures and Dirac OperatorsThe Wiener Integral and the Feynman-Kac FormulaTopological Quantum Field TheoriesBorel-Weil TheoryReadership: Mathematicians and mathematical physicists.Key Features:Contains accessible mathematical language for easy understandingFeatures ample examples to reiterate concepts in the bookMakes extensive use of graphical imagesIncludes a large and informative general bibliography for further research


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