Lectures on Computational Fluid Dynamics

Lectures on Computational Fluid Dynamics
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Utgivelsesår 1997
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812819406
Sider 180
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Om Lectures on Computational Fluid Dynamics

This book, an outgrowth of the author's distinguished lecture series in Japan in 1995, identifies and describes current results and issues in certain areas of computational fluid dynamics, mathematical physics, and linear algebra. Notable among these are the author's new notion of numerical rotational release for the understanding of correct solution capture when modelling time-dependent higher Reynolds number incompressible flows, the author's fundamental new perspective of wavelets seen as stochastic processes, and the author's new theory of antieigenvalues which has created an entirely new view of iterative methods in computational linear algebra.Contents:Recent Developments in Computational Fluid Dynamics:Cavity FlowHovering AerodynamicsCapturing Correct SolutionsRecent Developments in Mathematical Physics:Probabilistic and Deterministic DescriptionScaling TheoriesChaos in Iterative MapsRecent Developments in Linear Algebra:Operator TrigonometryAntieigenvaluesComputational Linear AlgebraReadership: Mathematicians, engineers and physicists.Key Features:No other book gives a quantitative derivation of the information content of Gibbs free energyThe book presents a unique discussion of the differences between thermodynamic information and cybernetic (or semiotic) informationThe unique appendix discusses the relationship between entropy, economics and the current economic crisis


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