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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre DRM
Filformat EPUB
Utgivelsesår 2018
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781472240361

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Om Skyjack

'Sensational. Starts at 600mph and never slows down' Lee Child 'An action-packed thrill ride that grabs the reader from the first exciting page' Karin Slaughter Eleven hostages. Only one person can save them. For kidnap and ransom specialist Thea Paris, kidnap is always personal. If you like James Patterson's Private series and are a fan Lee Child's Jack Reacher, you'll love this action- packed thriller that is full of twists and turns. When Thea Paris's flight is hijacked over the Libyan Desert, her first priority is the two former child soldiers she is escorting to a new life in London. As an international kidnap specialist, Thea Paris negotiates for hostage release as part of her job. She knows one wrong move could lead to deadly consequences. After she is forcibly separated from the boys and the other passengers, Thea and her tactical team quickly regroup. And in their desperate search for the hostages that follows, unearth a conspiracy involving the CIA, the Vatican and the Sicilian Mafia, and a plot far more sinister than Thea could ever have imagined.

Sensational. Starts at 600mph and never slows down Scarcely a page passes without some new piece of breath-taking action Highly recommended - with short chapters that hook the reader so a bookmark is superfluous. Another sensational Thea Paris adventure ... starts at 600mph - literally - and never slows down, full of dense, twisty, informed plotting and real, compelling characters. Howe is a keeper! K.J. Howe has done it again! High stakes, up-to-the-minute realism, and nonstop action make Howe's whip-smart international thriller Skyjack a worthy follow-up to her breakout debut, The Freedom Broker. Fans of Jason Bourne's high-octane thrillers have a new hero: Thea Paris. The Freedom Broker was no fluke. With Skyjack, Howe shows she is the real deal. An honest-to- God, first class thriller writer who will have your knuckles turning white as you flip the pages. Thea Paris has returned in SKYJACK, a pulse-pounding treat, sharp as a piece of Damascus steel. If you're not reading K.J. Howe, you're missing out. K.J. Howe's SKYJACK is a rip-roaring adventure from first page to last. The novel's thrilling blend of scientific plausibility, riveting spycraft, and ripped-from-the-headlines authenticity left me in awe. And the hero of this nail-biter, Thea Paris, is a Swiss Army knife of ingenuity, smarts, and skills. I want her to be my new best friend, or at least, to be there if I'm ever in harm's way. I can't wait to see what trouble she gets into next! Thea Paris kicks some serious ass in this action-packed thrill ride that grabs the reader from the first exciting page and doesn't let go until the last. KJ Howe it at the top of the K&R game.


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