Fractional Dynamics

Fractional Dynamics
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Utgivelsesår 2011
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Om Fractional Dynamics

This volume provides the latest developments in the field of fractional dynamics, which covers fractional (anomalous) transport phenomena, fractional statistical mechanics, fractional quantum mechanics and fractional quantum field theory. The contributors are selected based on their active and important contributions to their respective topics. This volume is the first of its kind that covers such a comprehensive range of topics in fractional dynamics. It will point out to advanced undergraduate and graduate students, and young researchers the possible directions of research in this subject.In addition to those who intend to work in this field and those already in the field, this volume will also be useful for researchers not directly involved in the field, but want to know the current status and trends of development in this subject. This latter group includes theoretical chemists, mathematical biologists and engineers.Contents:Classical Systems:Anomalous Diffusion and Fractional Transport Equations (R Metzler and J-H Jeon) Stochastic Diffusion and Stable Noise-Induced Phenomena (B Dybiec and E Gudowska-Nowak)Characteristic Times of Anomalous Diffusion in a Potential (W T Coffey, Y P Kalmykov and S V Titov)Reactions in Subdiffusive Media and Associated Fractional Equations (S B Yuste, E Abad and K Lindenberg)Natural and Modified Forms of Distributed-Order Fractional Diffusion Equations (A Chechkin, I M Sokolov and J Klafter)Anomalous Transport in the Presence of Truncated Lévy Flights (D del-Castillo-Negrete)Anomalous Diffusion: From Fractional Master Equations to Path Integrals (R Friedrich)Fractional Feynman–Kac Equation for Anomalous Diffusion Functionals (S Carmi and E Barkai)Foundations of Fractional Dynamics: A Short Account (R Hilfer)Parametric Subordination in Fractional Diffusion Processes (R Gorenflo and F Mainardi)Fractional Calculus, Anomalous Diffusion, and Probability (M M Meerschaert)Fractional Langevin Equation (E Lutz)Subdiffusive Dynamics in Washboard Potentials: Two Different Approaches and Different Univesality Classes (I Goychuk and P Hänggi)Identification and Validation of Fractional Subdiffusion Dynamics (K Burnecki, M Magdziarz and A Weron)A Class of CTRWs: Compound Fractional Poisson Processes (E Scalas)Origin of Allometry Hypothesis (B J West and D West)Quantum Systems:Principles of Fractional Quantum Mechanics (N Laskin)Two Examples of Fractional Quantum Dynamics (A Iomin)Fractional Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems (V E Tarasov)Casimir Effect Associated with Fractional Klein– Gordon Field (S C Lim and L P Teo)Readership: Researchers in mathematical physics.


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