Basel II: High-impact Strategies - What

Basel II: High-impact Strategies - What
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2012
Forlag Emereo Publishing
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781743333891
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Om Basel II: High-impact Strategies - What

The Knowledge Solution. Stop Searching, Stand Out and Pay Off. The #1 ALL ENCOMPASSING Guide to Basel II. An Important Message for ANYONE who wants to learn about Basel II Quickly and Easily... ""Here's Your Chance To Skip The Struggle and Master Basel II, With the Least Amount of Effort, In 2 Days Or Less...""Basel II is the second of the Basel Accords, which are recommendations on banking laws and regulations issued by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. The purpose of Basel II, which was initially published in June 2004, is to create an international standard that banking regulators can use when creating regulations about how much capital banks need to put aside to guard against the types of financial and operational risks banks face while maintaining sufficient consistency so that this does not become a source of competitive inequality amongst internationally active banks. Advocates of Basel II believe that such an international standard can help protect the international financial system from the types of problems that might arise should a major bank or a series of banks collapse. In theory, Basel II attempted to accomplish this by setting up risk and capital management requirements designed to ensure that a bank holds capital reserves appropriate to the risk the bank exposes itself to through its lending and investment practices. Generally speaking, these rules mean that the greater risk to which the bank is exposed, the greater the amount of capital the bank needs to hold to safeguard its solvency and overall economic stability. Get the edge, learn EVERYTHING you need to know about Basel II, and ace any discussion, proposal and implementation with the ultimate book - guaranteed to give you the education that you need, faster than you ever dreamed possible!The information in this book can show you how to be an expert in the field of Basel II. Are you looking to learn more about Basel II? You're about to discover the most spectacular gold mine of Basel II materials ever created, this book is a unique collection to help you become a master of Basel II. This book is your ultimate resource for Basel II. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Basel II right away. A quick look inside: Basel II, Advanced IRB, Advanced measurement approach, Basel Accords, Basic indicator approach, Capital Requirements Directive, Jaime Caruana, Credit risk, Exposure at default, Foundation IRB, Loss given default, Market risk, Operational risk, Probability of default, Standardized approach, Standardized approach (credit risk), Standardized approach (operational risk), Basel III, Capital requirement, Solvency II Directive, Procyclical, Data governance ...and Much, Much More!This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Basel II. It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Basel II with the objectivity of experienced professionals - Grab your copy now, while you still can.


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