Composite Application: High-impact Strat

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In computing, the term composite application expresses a perspective of software engineering that defines an application built by combining multiple existing functions into a new application. The technical concept can be compared to mashups. However…

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    Om Composite Application: High-impact Strat

    In computing, the term composite application expresses a perspective of software engineering that defines an application built by combining multiple existing functions into a new application. The technical concept can be compared to mashups. However, composite applications use business sources (e.g., existing modules or even Web services ) of information, while mashups usually rely on web- based, and often free, sources. This book is your ultimate resource for Composite Application. Here you will find the most up-to- date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Composite Application right away, covering: Composite application, Adaptive Services Grid, Application fabrication, B2B Gateway, Barracuda Networks, Boomerang Software Framework, Business Process Network, Canonical Protocol Pattern, Canonical Schema pattern, Communications-enabled application, DataNucleus, Denodo, Differentiated service, Digital Nervous System, Domain Inventory Pattern, Enterprise Inventory, Enterprise service bus, Enterprise Service Layer, Entity Abstraction Pattern, Event-driven architecture, Event-Driven Messaging, Event-driven SOA, Experticity, Freightgate, FuseSource Corp., Intel SOA Products Division, JackBe, Logic Centralization Pattern, Loose coupling, Machine-to-Machine, Midas Kapiti, Multitenancy, Mushroom Networks, MVaaS, Net-Centric Enterprise Services, Network-Centric Service-Oriented Enterprise (NCSOE) , OASIS SOA Reference Model, Open Knowledge Initiative, Open Mashup Alliance, Open Service Interface Definitions, Opti-Time Company, Oslo (Microsoft), Postini, Reliable messaging, S-RAMP, SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework, Semantic service-oriented architecture, SEMCI, Service (systems architecture), Service Abstraction, Service Autonomy Principle, Service Capability Interaction Manager, Service Component Architecture, Service Composability Principle, Service Data Objects, Service Discoverability Principle, Service discovery, Service layer, Service Layers Pattern, Service Loose Coupling, Service Normalization Pattern, Service Oriented Architecture Fundamentals, Service Refactoring, Service Reusability Principle, Service Statelessness Principle, Service- orientation, Service-Orientation Design Principles, Service-oriented architecture, Service-oriented architecture implementation framework, Service-Oriented Architecture Types, Service-Oriented Development of Applications, Service-oriented device architecture, Service-oriented infrastructure, Service-oriented modeling, Service-oriented programming, Service-oriented transformation, Services computing, Shared services, SOA environment, SOA Governance, SOA Security, SOALIB, SoaML, Nsite Software (Platform as a Service), Software as a service, Standardized Service Contract, TOA Technologies, Utility Abstraction Pattern, Web Service Choreography, Web- oriented architecture, Web service, List of web service protocols, 1dl, WCF Data Services, Amazon Associates Web Service, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Elastic Block Store, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Flexible Payments Service, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Amazon Relational Database Service, Amazon S3, Amazon Simple Email Service, Amazon Simple Queue Service, Amazon SimpleDB, Amazon Web Services, Apache Axis, Apache Axis2, Apache CXF, Apache Rampart module, Baynote, Bettween, BigQuery, Bio-zen,, BPEL4People, Browserless Web, Calais (Reuters Product), Celtix, ChoiceStream, Collarity, Common Base Event, Comparison of web service frameworks, Customer Information Quality, Cwm (software), DAML-S...and much more This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Composite Application. It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Composite Application with the objectivity of experienced professionals.



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