Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Manag

Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Manag
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Om Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Manag

The Symposium on the Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Manage- ment was held in the fall of 1979 in Boston, Massachusetts and was one of a number of symposia included in the Annual Meeting of the Materials Research Society. The thrust of this annual Symposium is unique in the area of waste management. Recognizing that this is an area of great complexity which requires contributions from scien- tists with many different backgrounds some of which are not normally associated with nuclear energy, the Materials Research Society pro- vides a forum for discussions of a wide range of materials behavior and transport phenomena. As can be seen from the list of references in each paper, the authors draw heavily on contributions associated with professional societies in addition to the Materials Research Society, and this annual meeting encourages the cross-fertilization between disciplines that are essential to an adequate treatment of the problems associated with nuclear waste management. The proceed- ings of the first Symposium that was held in 1978 was designated as Volume 1 in this series. The third Symposium is scheduled for 1980. The scope of the 1979 Symposium was guided by the Steering Committee: R. L. Schwoebel, Sandia Laboratories, USA (Chairman) W. Carbiener, Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, USA D. Ferguson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA W. Heimerl, DWK, Mol, Belgium W. Lutze, Hahn Meitner Institut, Berlin, W. Germany J. D. Mather, Institute of Geological Sciences, Harwell, UK G. Oertel, Department of Energy, USA R.


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