Advances in Oriental Document Analysis a

Advances in Oriental Document Analysis a

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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 1999
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812797643
Sider 268
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Om Advances in Oriental Document Analysis a

In recent years, rapid progress has been made in computer processing of oriental languages, and the research developments in this area have resulted in tremendous changes in handwriting processing, printed oriental character recognition, document analysis and recognition, automatic input methodologies for oriental languages, etc. Advances in computer processing of oriental languages can also be seen in multimedia computing and the World Wide Web. Many of the results in those domains are presented in this book. Contents:Intriguing Aspects of Oriental Languages (C Y Suen et al.)The Generation of Oriental Characters: New Perspectives for Automatic Handwriting Processing (R Plamondon et al.)A New Synthesizing Method for Handwriting Korean Scripts (D-H Lee & H-G Cho)Differentiating Between Oriental and European Scripts by Statistical Features (L Lam et al.)Gray-Scale Nonlinear Shape Normalization Method for Handwritten Oriental Character Recognition (S-Y Kim & S-W Lee)Distributed Autonomous Agents for Chinese Document Image Segmentation (J Liu & Y Y Tang)Ink Matching of Cursive Chinese Handwritten Annotations (D P Lopresti et al.)On-Line Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Directed by Components with Dynamic Templates (X Xiao & R Dai)A Reliability Design Methodology for Chinese Character Recognition (Y S Huang et al.)Typeface Identification for Printed Chinese Characters (Y-H Tseng et al.)A Self-Organizing Hierarchical Classifier for Multi-Lingual Large-Set Oriental Character Recognition (H-S Park et al.)Printed Chinese Character Similarity Measurement Using Ring Projection and Distance Transform (P C Yuen et al.) Segmentation and Recognition of Continuous Handwriting Chinese Text (C Hong et al.)Network-Based Approach to Korean Handwriting Analysis (B-K Sin & J H Kim)Comparison of Feature Performance and Its Application to Feature Combination in Off-Line Handwritten Korean Alphabet Recognition (K Seo et al.)Readership: Graduate students and researchers in computer science.Key Features:Provides a comprehensive review of the literature in range image registration and serves as an effective study guide on this important topicPresents a novel robust error measure, the surface interpenetration, which is easily computed and offers significant immunity to non-Gaussian errors. The shortcomings of the least squares formalism in this setting are carefully exploredThe first substantive work focusing on precision alignment, and the first capable of attaining such alignments in low- overlap scenarios without human intervention or manual prealignmentOffers extensive experimental results, highlighting both the impact of robust measures, and the relative efficiency of genetic search algorithms versus more traditional approaches. Extensive comparisons with more traditional algorithms and measures are presented


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