Integral Equations, Boundary Value Probl

Integral Equations, Boundary Value Probl
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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2013
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789814452885
Sider 300
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Om Integral Equations

In this volume, we report new results about various theories and methods of integral equation, boundary value problems for partial differential equations and functional equations, and integral operators including singular integral equations, applications of boundary value problems and integral equations to mechanics and physics, numerical methods of integral equations and boundary value problems, theories and methods for inverse problems of mathematical physics, Clifford analysis and related problems.Contents:Some Properties of a Kind of Singular Integral Operator for K-Monogenic Function in Clifford Analysis (L P Wang, Z L Xu and Y Y Qiao) Some Results Related with Möbius Transformation in Clifford Analysis (Z X Zhang)The Scattering of SH Wave on the Array of Periodic Cracks in a Piezoelectric Substrate Bonded a Half-Plane of Functionally Graded Materials (J Q Liu, X Li, S Z Dong, X Y Yao and C F Wang)Anti-Plane Problem of Two Collinear Cracks in a Functionally Graded Coating–Substrate Structure (S H Ding and X Li)A Kind of Riemann Boundary Value Problem for Triharmonic Functions in Clifford Analysis (L F Gu)A New Dynamical Systems Method for Nonlinear Operator Equations (X J Luo, F C Li and S H Yang)A Class of Integral Inequality and Application (W S Wang)An Efficient Spectral Boundary Integral Equation Method for the Simulation of Earthquake Rupture Problems (W S Wang and B W Zhang)High- Frequency Asymptotics for the Modified Helmholtz Equation in a Half-Plane (H M Huang)An Inverse Boundary Value Problem Involving Filtration for Elliptic Systems of Equations (Z L Xu and L Yan)Fixed Point Theorems of Contractive Mappings in Extended Cone Metric Spaces (H P Huang and X Li)Positive Solutions of Singular Third-Order Three-Point Boundary Value Problems (B Q Yan and X Liu) Modified Neumann Integral and Asymptotic Behavior in the Half-Space (Y H Zhang, G T Deng and Z Z Wei)Piecewise Tikhonov Regularization Scheme to Reconstruct Discontinuous Density in Computerized Tomography (J Cheng, Y Jiang, K Lin and J W Yan)About the Quaternionic Jacobian Conjecture (H Liu)Interaction Between Antiplane Circular Inclusion and Circular Hole of Piezoelectric Materials (L H Chang and X Li)Convergence of Numerical Algorithm for Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer in Textile Materials (M B Ge, J X Cheng and D H Xu)Haversian Cortical Bone with a Radial Microcrack (X Wang)Spectra of Unitary Integral Operators on L2(ℝ) with Kernels k(xy) (D W Ma and G Chen)The Numerical Simulation of Long-Period Ground Motion on Basin Effects (Y Q Li and X Li) Complete Plane Strain Problem of a One-Dimensional Hexagonal Quasicrystals with a Doubly-Periodic Set of Cracks (X Li and P P Shi) The Problem About an Elliptic Hole with III Asymmetry Cracks in One-Dimensional Hexagonal Piezoelectric Quasicrystals (H S Huo and X Li)The Second Fundamental Problem of Periodic Plane Elasticity of a One-Dimensional Hexagonal Quasicrystals (J Y Cui, P P Shi and X Li)The Optimal Convex Combination Bounds for the Centroidal Mean (H Liu and X J Meng)The Method of Fundamental Solution for a Class of Elliptical Partial Differential Equations with Coordinate Transformation and Image Technique (L N Wu and Q Jiang)Various Wavelet Methods for Solving Fractional Fredholm–Volterra Integral Equations (P P Shi, X Li and X Li)Readership: Researchers in analysis and differential equations.


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