Molecular Approaches to Tumor Immunother

Molecular Approaches to Tumor Immunother
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Utgivelsesår 1998
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812817259
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Om Molecular Approaches to Tumor Immunother

The articles in this book are contributed by leading scientists working in the fields of immunology, tumor immunotherapy, and gene therapy. The book identifies the opportunities that modern immunology and molecular biology have provided for tumor therapy. Moreover, it contains critical essays that analyze the progress and obstacles of tumor immunotherapy.Contents:The Molecular Basis of Antigen Recognition by B and T Lymphocytes (C A Janeway, Jr.)Antigen Processing and Presentation by MHC Class I and MHC Class II Molecules (A Y Rudensky)The Molecular Basis of T Cell Costimulation (Y Liu et al.)Cytokines as Regulators of CD4+ T Cell Responses (N A Hosken & A O'Garra)The Cancer Micro-Environment and Its Impact on Immune Response to Cancer (A Ménoret & P K Srivastava)Self–Nonself Discrimination of Anti-Tumor Immune Responses (S Sarma & Y Liu)Mechanisms of T Cell Recruitment into Tumors (M Maric & Y Liu)Oncogenes and Immunity: Immune Responses Against the Products of Transforming Genes and the Effects of Oncogene Activity on Immunogenicity (L J Appleman & A B Frey)Costimulation in Immune Responses Against Tumors (G C Yang & L P Chen)Cytokine-Based Tumor Immunotherapy (G Forni & M P Colombo)The Use of Recombinant Poxviruses as a Paradigm for the Development of Anti-Cancer Vaccines (R S Chamberlain et al.)Herpes Simplex Virus Derived Vectors: Their Potential Applications in Cancer Immunotherapy (X L Zhang)Readership: Physicians, researchers and graduate students in immunology and molecular biology.Key Features:Introduces the field of automatic handwriting recognition by computerAddresses a relatively new task, which is the reading of notes written on a whiteboard; this task has never been addressed in any books beforeIncludes a description of several recognizers developed by the authors, as well as a brief introduction to two commercial recognition engines (by Microsoft and Vision Objects)Parts of the book are also accessible to non-experts, newcomers to the field, and students


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