Competitiveness of G20 Nations

Competitiveness of G20 Nations
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Utgivelsesår 2013
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ISBN 9781844641574
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Om Competitiveness of G20 Nations

'Innovation is the eternal theme in human and social development; it is the soul for a nation to advance and an inexhaustible driving power for a country to thrive' Preface, The Competitiveness of G20 Nations.Written and edited by some of China's leading economic advisers and Government officials, this unique book reveals exactly how China views the competitiveness of the world's leading nations. China's competitors.Using detailed research material and deep analysis, it probes the innovative competitiveness of each member of the G20 and their future prospects. The Competitiveness of G20 Nations argues that innovation is at the core of the growth prospects of each member of the G20 - an approach that reveals some of the theories and reasons behind China's stratospheric economic growth. Readers will benefit from a detailed innovation profile of each G20 nation (including China) highlights perceived strengths, weaknesses plus likely growth patterns.Published in association with Social Sciences Academic Press (China).


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