Springbok Factory

Springbok Factory
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Utgivelsesår 2013
Forlag Jonathan Ball Publishers
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781868424702
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Om Springbok Factory

Imagine a Springbok player as a finished product coming off a factory assembly line. What are the different components required to have him functioning perfectly? And what does it take to cohere into a successful team? Author Liz McGregor spent two years behind the scenes interviewing the South African team’s players, coaches, wives and girlfriends, mothers and teachers. She also spoke to the Bok doctor and physio, the sponsors, brand managers and the logistics guy. And then there& #8217;s the boss, the South African Rugby Union.

What she discovered is as fascinating as it is complex: that parents play a crucial role, as do those early coaches and teachers who identify and nurture talent; that injury lurks behind every corner; that it takes incredible courage to go back onto the field to face another battering; and that the ‘business’ of the Springboks is one that is both well and poorly managed, depending where you look.

By the end of her journey, McGregor had developed a deep regard for the players and many of the people who work to put the best team South Africa can offer onto the field. But there are parts of the Springbok Factory that are in urgent need of repair or, indeed, replacement.


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