Conversations with the Fat Girl

Conversations with the Fat Girl

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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre DRM
Filformat EPUB
Utgivelsesår 2007
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9780446509954

Om Conversations with the Fat Girl

In this "engaging and poignant" (Jennifer Weiner) debut novel, Liza Palmer explores friendship, true love, and self-worth while giving a voice to every woman who's ever had to make peace with her body. Everyone seems to be getting on with their lives except Maggie. At 27, she's still serving coffee at The Beanery while her friends are getting married, having babies, and thriving in their careers. And now Olivia, Maggie's best friend, is getting married too. The man in Maggie's life? Well there isn't one, except the guy she has a crush on, Domenic, who works with her at the coffee shop. Oh, and her dog, Solo (his name says it all). When Olivia comes to town and asks Maggie to be her maid of honor, Maggie is thrilled... but a little shocked by Olivia's new look. They've been best friends since grade school, although back then they befriended each other because they both struggled with their weight. Now grown-up, Maggie is still shopping in the "women's section" while Olivia went and had gastric-bypass surgery in search of the elusive size 2. So Olivia's thin and blonde and getting married, and Maggie's the fat bridesmaid. Ain't life grand? In this wonderful debut novel, Liza Palmer is both witty and wise, giving a voice to women everywhere who wish for just once that they could embrace their weight. "Kudos to Liza Palmer." -People "Palmer's likable characters and snappy dialogue make this novel stand out from the crowd." -Booklist "In a word: genuine." -Herald Sun

"The descriptions of Olivia's catty pals are priceless."-Entertainment Weekly "A story of friendship, love, and self-discovery. The writing is very good, with snappy dialogue that will make readers laugh as they commiserate with Maggie and cheer her on.... This is a book that readers won't want to miss."-Romance Review Today "Pardon the pun, but Conversations with the Fat Girl is far from lightweight. Its message about self image and the power of attitude in making positive change is delivered in a snappy fashion. In a word: genuine." -Herald Sun "Engaging and poignant and heartbreakingly real, Liza Palmer's tale of best friends, true love, and just what size happily-ever-after wears is a winning conversation."-Jennifer Weiner, #1 New York Times bestselling author "Honest, heart-warming and spot-on, if you love cheering for the underdog, you will love this debut novel." "Palmer's likable characters and snappy dialogue make this novel stand out from the crowd, and it's sure to attract fans of Jennifer Weiner and other authors who offer slightly imperfect heroines. Palmer manages to infuse a message of self-acceptance that isn't heavy- handed or cloying."-Booklist "Kudos to Liza Palmer for... striking a breezy tone without being trivial."-People


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