Mother's Day Treats (Mills & Boon e-Book

The Contaxis Baby / Liam's Secret Son / The Arabian Love-Child / A Millionaire For Molly / The Man Who Would Be King / Tall, Dark & Royal / Single With Twins / A Model Débutante

Mother's Day Treats (Mills & Boon e-Book
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre DRM
Filformat EPUB
Utgivelsesår 2015
Forlag Mills & Boon
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781474029148
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Om Mother's Day Treats (Mills & Boon e-Book

Mother's Day Treats THE CONTAXIS BABY by Lynne Graham Devastated by the death of his half-brother, Greek tycoon Sebasten Contaxis decides to punish the woman responsible: socialite Lizzie Denton. And revenge is so much sweeter when it's served in bed-that is, until Lizzie has some surprising news for him.... LIAM'S SECRET SON by Carole Mortimer When Liam O'Reilly insisted on being a part of Laura's world again, she couldn't deny she still found him attractive- but she was wiser now. If only Liam had stayed all those years ago, he would have found out that he had a son... THE ARABIAN LOVE-CHILD by Michelle Reid Half Arab prince, half French, Rafiq Al-Qadim wears his pride like a suit of Melanie had discovered when she fell in love with him years ago. Then Rafiq chose to believe ugly lies about her, and blew her out of his life like a grain of desert sand in the wind... A MILLIONAIRE FOR MOLLY by Marion Lennox Molly Farr can see why millionaire businessman Jackson Baird is called Australia's most eligible bachelor! But the last thing Molly needs is to be distracted by an inconvenient attraction to her most valued client! THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING by Linda Turner When royal-watching reporter Eliza Windmere discovered evidence that the missing crown prince was alive, she had to help in the search - even if that meant pairing up with devastatingly handsome Duke Lorenzo Sebastiani. TALL, DARK & ROYAL by Leanne Banks He stood before Erin Lawrence-bare-chested, sleeptousled and sexy as sin. Could this be Daniel Connelly, the new king of Altaria? Erin knew she'd have her hands full teaching the American businessman royal etiquette-and avoiding falling under his sensual spell. SINGLE WITH TWINS by Joan Elliot Pickart The stranger at her door swore he was family, brother to the man who'd broken her heart and left her pregnant with twins. Before long, Uncle Mack had won her daughters' affection... But though Mack wanted to form family ties, he didn't seem the type to stay.... A MODEL DÉBUTANTE by Louise Allen Talitha Grey expected to spend her life as a milliner. Then a sudden inheritance catapulted her into the ton! Talitha will make her debut under Lady Perry's wing - and must hide her shameful secret from her kind guardian. The only difficulty is Lady Perry's nephew, the gorgeous, suspicious Lord Arndale, who sees far too much...


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