The Deductions of Colonel Gore

The Deductions of Colonel Gore

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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre DRM
Filformat EPUB
Utgivelsesår 2018
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9780008283018
Serie Detective Club Crime Classics

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Om The Deductions of Colonel Gore

This brand new edition of the first novel to feature the officer and gentleman detective Colonel Wickham Gore includes the first ever reprint of the only Colonel Gore novella, Too Much Imagination. Colonel Gore is reunited with old friends at a dinner party to mark his return from service in Africa, but is shocked to discover that one of them has fallen victim to a callous blackmailer. When the antagonist is found dead, Gore finds that civilian life can be as challenging as anything in the army, especially when one of your friends may have become a killer . . . but which one? Once famous in the West End and on Broadway for plays written as 'Anthony Wharton', Dublin-born Alexander McAllister had become a publican in Surrey when, as 'Lynn Brock', his writing career took off again with the creation of country detective Colonel Wickham Gore. Described by Rose Mcaulay as 'a very clever writer: a gift for drawing life-like people and a lively sense of dramatic incident', Brock became a pillar of the Golden Age with his Colonel Gore whodunits and pioneering psychological novels including the lurid Nightmare. This Detective Club classic is introduced by Rob Reef, author of the John Stableford mysteries, and for the first time reprints the only Colonel Gore novella, Too Much Imagination, a country house murder story from a rare 1926 American pulp magazine.

'A very clever writer: agreeable literary style, a good descriptive touch, a gift for drawing life-like people, and a lively sense of dramatic incident' Rose Macaulay 'Lynn Brock has a fine sense of character, and the power to excite' Frank Swinnerton


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