Issues in Accident and Emergency Nursing

Issues in Accident and Emergency Nursing
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Utgivelsesår 2013
Forlag Springer US
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ISBN 9781489931641
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Om Issues in Accident and Emergency Nursing

valuable way of presenting information within the book and purposely sought. It is hoped that exposure to individual chapters within the book will encourage readers to consider issues and problems from perspectives other than the ones with which they are familiar and perhaps comfortable. The reader is then responsible for the considera- tion, adoption or challenge to the content of any chapter. During the process of exploration of content, reference should always be made to its potential place within clinical practice and its influence upon the delivery of patient and family care. Although it is acknowledged that each A and E department is different and that the environment and local resources affect the translation of theory into practice, questioning and subsequent challenge of the environ- ment, work issues and ideas should help the reader to widen the debate about nursing in A and E and its anticipated growth into the next century. The intended outcome of such analysis by the reader may be to challenge practice. Alternatively information presented within the book may support or enhance work currently being under- taken within a number of A and E departments. With reference to the format, the book is not intended to be read from cover to cover. Instead the reader will find the book a valuable source of information that can be dipped into when required, a book where the sampling of arguments put forward by various contributors can be considered.


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