Modern Trends in Biothermokinetics

Modern Trends in Biothermokinetics
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Om Modern Trends in Biothermokinetics

This book includes articles relating to presentations given in a variety of forms (lectures, posters, contributions to round tables, software presentations) at the 5th International Biothermokinetics Meeting held in Bordeaux-Bombannes, September 23-26, 1992. The fact that not just lectures were considered for these proceedings reflects the aims of BTK meetings to instigate discussion, promote scientific cooperation and confront as many different ideas as possible with each other (at best heretical ones). BTK conferences have expanded more and more; 130 participants came to the 1992 meeting from 20 countries. It was therefore necessary to hold the round tables in parallel sessions. It is difficult to have an unbiased feeling of what should be selected as the salient features of the meeting. As the name suggests, Biothermokinetics embraces thermodynamic and kinetic approaches to experimental and theoretical investigations of biological processes, in particular at the cellular level. This "classical" point of view is mainly represented in the chapter "Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Transport Processes and Biological Energy Transduction".


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