Chiral Nuclear Dynamics II

Chiral Nuclear Dynamics II
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Førpris 2869,- Spar 574,-
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Utgivelsesår 2008
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812814746
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Om Chiral Nuclear Dynamics II

This is the sequel to the first volume to treat in one effective field theory framework the physics of strongly interacting matter under extreme conditions. This is vital for understanding the high temperature phenomena taking place in relativistic heavy ion collisions and in the early Universe, as well as the high-density matter predicted to be present in compact stars. The underlying thesis is that what governs hadronic properties in a heat bath and/or a dense medium is hidden local symmetry which emerges from chiral dynamics of light quark systems and from the duality between QCD in 4D and bulk gravity in 5D as in AdS/QCD. Special attention is paid to hot matter relevant for relativistic heavy ion processes and to dense matter relevant for compact stars that are either stable or on the verge of collapse into black holes.Contents:Multi-Facets of QCD in MatterCheshire Cat PhenomenonEffective Field Theory for NucleiHidden Local Symmetry for HadronsSkyrmionsHidden Local Symmetry in Hot/Dense MediumHadrons in the Sliding Vacua of Nuclear MatterStrangeness in Dense MediumDense Matter for Compact StarsCompact StarsReadership: Theoretical nuclear, hadron, and astro-hadron physicists; experimentalists interested in physics at RHIC, CERN, GSI, JPARC, and Jlab; as a reference book for courses in theoretical nuclear/hadron physics.


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