Trump Revealed

Trump Revealed

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Format Pocket
Utgivelsesår 2017
Forlag Simon & Schuster Ltd
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781471159732
Sider 464

Om Trump Revealed

'Deeply researched and exhaustive study... While the book's approach is relentlessly balanced and fair-minded, the net result will leave the reader frightened and appalled... In anecdote after anecdote, Trump is portrayed as a man with no firm beliefs or moral centre, who lies constantly - though he prefers the term "truthful hyperbole" - and has used a relentless work ethic, a gullible media and a willingness to litigate to build himself into a myth bigger than any man could hope to be... the implicit conclusion of this important book is that Trump views life as a game and he never expected the voters to take him so seriously... Perhaps Trump's greatest fear is that in victory he would be exposed as the hollow man he is' Sunday Times 'Excellent book... skilful and meticulous... there is plenty to enjoy' -- David Aaronovitch The Times 'There have been other books on Donald Trump this year but this one did best, by avoiding the pitfalls of being boring or partisan... It's all here, land deals, bankruptcies, lies and beauty pageants. Trump emerges as dynamic and imaginative, but also as untrustworthy and self-centred' The Times Books of the Year 'Painstakingly researched political biography American journalists do so well... well worth reading' Herald 'Trump Revealed is a top-notch, finely balanced example of open-minded factual reportage. Its material is the collective effort of over twenty specialist Washington Post journalists, factcheckers and editors; the named authors' job, which they have done brilliantly, was to convert a mass of validated material into a bright and lucid read... Their impassive, objective account is far more alarming than any finger-jabbing hectoring denunciation. All it does is present facts. It makes no judgements. It simply chronicles. And because you draw your own conclusions, they are far more convincing and enduring' Tribune 'Devastating indictment of Trump' The National


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