Flow Injection Analysis

Flow Injection Analysis

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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2000
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812813725
Sider 496
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Om Flow Injection Analysis

The concept of flow injection analysis (FIA) was introduced in the mid-seventies. It was preceded by the success of segmented flow analysis, mainly in clinical and environmental analysis. This advance, as well as the development of continuous monitors for process control and environmental monitors, ensured the success of the FIA methodology. As an exceptionally effective means of mechanization for various procedures of wet chemical analysis, the FIA methodology, in use with a whole arsenal of detection methods of modern analytical chemistry, proved to be of great interest to many.The fast and intensive development of the FIA methodology was due to several factors essential for routine analytical determinations, such as very limited sample consumption, the short analysis time based on a transient signal measurement in a flow-through detector and an on-line carrying out difficult operations of separation, preconcentration or physicochemical conversion of analytes into detectable species.Twenty-year studies by numerous research groups all over the world have provided significant progress in the theoretical description of dispersion phenomena in FIA and various operations of physicochemical treatment of the analyte. This volume is devoted to the presentation of the current status of development of the instrumentation for FIA and the many fields of its practical applications, based on an extensive bibliography of original research publications.Contents: Molecular Spectroscopy DetectionAtomic Spectroscopy Detection MethodsElectrochemical Detection MethodsEnzymatic Methods of Detection and ImmunoassaysOther Detection Methods Used in FIAOn-Line Sample Processing in FIA SystemsSpeciation Analysis Using Flow Injection MethodologyApplications of Flow Injection Methods in Routine AnalysisSequential and Batch Injection TechniquesCommercially Available Instrumentation for FIACurrent Trends in Developments of Flow AnalysisReadership: Chemists and chemical engineers.Key Features:Includes the most outstanding research articles on (Chinese) foreign affairs, China's diplomacy, and international systemContains a collection of the most influential academic articles written by prestigious Chinese scholarsProvides both theoretical insights and solid case studies on China's diplomacy


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