Beyond Homo Sapiens

Beyond Homo Sapiens
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Utgivelsesår 2007
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ISBN 9781462816453
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Om Beyond Homo Sapiens

The author of this universal saga, Mari Suarez, is a surrealist visionary painter who has devoted herself to painting the images of the unconscious since 1969. Ariadne, the main character of Beyond Homo Sapiens, is a surrealist painter who explains her work in light of the creation of the surrealist movement of 1917. The movement was formed because the artists are closer to the unconscious than most people. Therefore, their work and experience could be used as fertile ground for understanding the psychological theories of Freud, Jung, Adler and Otto Rank. The psychological investigations of these scientists had led psychology to the realization of the fundamental spiritual nature in man; the seed of the Self in personality that unfolds psychologically in each person; the force of the Archetypes dressing themselves in symbols that reach the individual mind. Artists have the advantage that they can freeze these images in sculpture or canvas. Ariadne worked faithfully as a surrealist artist, freezing on canvas the images that reached her conscious mind from the depths of her unconscious. She felt driven to gain the tools to understand the images rooted in the metaphysical foundation of life that is the foundation of the psyche. She immersed herself in books about symbolism, mythologyall the teachings of the great Truth tellerswith the goal of understanding her own work. Slowly, she understood that the images were trying to show her a new view of men and women; they were trying to take her beyond the characteristic separation and limitation of the Homo Sapiens. Through her work, her life became a great challenge and a great hope. Beyond Homo Sapiens is the sum of that challenge and hope. Beyond Homo Sapiens is a historical, philosophical and mystical analysis of the historical events of 5,000 years. It depicts a woman's struggle to understand the chaos she witnesses all around her, hoping to help bring order to the world her daughter will inherit. In the process she formulates radically new ideas, but they are so solidly and clearly explained, readers are left wondering why this wasn't all explained to them in elementary school. In this modern odyssey, Ariadne takes readers through the labyrinth of discovery she has navigated for over thirty years and leads them to a new landscape rich with possibilities. In a manner understandable to all, Beyond Homo Sapiens summarizes the evolution of man towards spiritual awareness. The never-ending struggle of good (anything that helps that evolution) versus evil (anything that thwarts it) becomes apparent in the narrative. Ariadnes fresh perspective gives readers new insights to help them distinguish Spiritual truth from the lies by which we are constantly bombarded. One feels like the author is holding one's hand as she guides one through the past and the present. With compassionate wisdom and insight she describes the necessary ingredients to understand our journey. With masterful perspicuity, she illustrates, by spiritual and intuitive example, the steps we should be taking to make man's relationship to man a thing of beauty and love, rather than one of destruction and hate. Readers will be exhilarated to realize the unity of thought and vision that unites them with the Greek philosophers, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Descartes, Voltaire, Rousseau, Marx, Engels, and all the great thinkers throughout history.Beyond Homo Sapiens reminds us that the present is the fruit of the past, and the future is the fruit of the present. Time, therefore, is a wheel of continuous movement. Any hope for a better future requires that we understand the past and change the present. Beyond Homo Sapiens, describes the reasons why men and women continue to be demeaning to themselves, the world and its inhabitants. This trilogy, finally available in English, is recommended for public and academic libraries. <


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