American Dominique

American Dominique
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2012
Forlag Mark A. Fields
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781909270190
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Om American Dominique

What better way to describe the book than to present the review of the book by noted poultry historian John Norris, now deceased. "By one of those freaks of luck and fortune the Dominique fowl engaged the fancies of Carol & Roger Voter, David Hyman and Mark Fields. Their devotion and labor for this monograph of their favorite breed of poultry resulted in this splendid addition to American poultry literature. One need not be a Dominique fancier to read and learn from this book, the kind of book that each henwoman and henman should enjoy. Perhaps some reader may be inspired to do the same for the Plymouth Rock, Wyandotte or Rhode Island Red. After many hours of search and research by the Voters and David Hyman; Mark Fields put it all together and composed this important breed monograph. The colored photos of Carol Voter on the dust wrapper just puts the frosting on the cake. Dominiques were first mentioned as a breed of poultry in about 1820. With the advent of the first poultry show in the U.S. at Boston, Massachusetts in 1849 with four breeders exhibiting them, the breed became the first established American breed of poultry in the country. From then on they were mentioned frequently in agriculture magazines. The APA Standard of Excellence was first issued with the Dominique in 1874. A bibliography issued in 1897 included a list of over two hundred poultry magazines issued in the U.S. From then on there were many articles, illustrations and advertisements about Dominiques available to those who searched. Included within this account are items relating to breeders, with their comments, illustrations and reports of production and type. Mark Fields, born in Arkansas and now residing in Missouri is a shrewd historian and engaging writer. He has organized his sources from magazines, books, photos, letters, etc. into an engaging, historical document without any flourishes or tricks. Gleanings from all these items are used in historical order by subject such as Shows, Standard, Breeding, Authors, etc. into the presentation of a complete history of the breed and what is just as important, a great overview of our relation to the hen for the past 150 years. A finely detailed table of contents is included, the only things not included are cooping and cooking. Most pleasing to me are the many written comments by and about the breeders of Dominiques, from the 1840s to the 1970s. But my favorite is the one named A Dominique Pastoral by Cornelius Weygandt. Born in 1871, died about 1950 in Philadelphia where he lived all his life. Teacher and professor of English at the University Pennsylvania until his retirement in 1945. These things he loved; his family, the English language, music, Pennsylvania and his Dominiques and Red Dorkings. Not necessarily in that order! He is just one of many fanciers quoted in this book. From Dr. Bennett & Burnham to Elva Hemphill."


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